The fee schedule below is a standard fee schedule effective September 14, 2015. Unless prior arrangements have been made, all appraisal payments are COD or due prior to release of the completed report.  Please contact us for further information and custom pricing or discounts on multiple properties.

For a list of each appraisal type and an associated description, please see our Appraisal Types page or to learn more about what an appraisal is please click here.

We have been authorized by the FAA to also provide drone services as an addtional feature for high end or complex properties we appraise.  This is an add-on service that will need to be discussed when an appraisal is ordered since the service can’t be offered in all areas.

Full reports always include the following photos: street scene, subject front, subject rear, subject side(s), subject interior, and the front of all comparables used in the analysis. Additional photos will be included for complex, unique, high end, or FHA properties.

Report TypePrice
Drone ServicePlease Call
Sketch Service$75
1004 (full) – Complete *
$400 and up
1004 (full) – Complete FHA *$600 and up
1025 Duplex (includes OI and Rentals)
1025 Triplex (includes OI and Rentals)
1025 Quad (includes OI and Rentals)
1073 (condominium) – Complete *
$400 and up
2055 (exterior) - Limited$325
2070 / 2075$225
Building Plan Review
$75 and up
Comparable Rent Schedule (rentals)
Consultation Services / Market Research
$75 per hour
Court Testimony / Legal Service
$100 per hour
Desktop Appraisal (no inspection / no photos)
Desktop Appraisal (no inspection / with photos)
Desk Review
Field Review (exterior)
Field Review (interior)
Final Inspection / Update (per trip)
Land (vacant)
$400 and up
Operating Income (OI) Statement

* Owner occupied homes up to 4,000 square feet in main living space (GLA). An additional $100 fee for each additional 1,000 square feet in size will apply.  Also, additional fees may apply due to the complexity of the assignment but you will be notified in advance.  Keep in mind, the fees charged are never dependent on the final opinion of value of the property being appraised.

All lender appraisals include the 1004MC Market Conditions Analysis unless we are asked to not include it.