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Effective September 16, 2015 Worth Every Dollar Appraisals was granted approval by the FAA to use drone’s in our appraisal business.  It is our understanding that we are the first appraisal company in the country to be approved to use this technology.  This is an exciting new technology and service for select properties in the coming months.

Worth Every Dollar Appraisals is an independent property appraisal company located in Atlanta, GA.  As appraisers, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality appraisals, unmatched customer service, and competitive fees. Our business, and your financial investment, depends on it.

When is an appraisal needed?

Most people believe that a property appraisal is only needed when applying for a loan.  However, it is important to obtain a fair, honest, and credible opinion value for many reasons which include:

  •  To obtain a loan for a purchase or refinance
  •  To provide a negotiating tool when buying or selling a property
  •  To determine a value pre or post renovation
  •  To remove PMI insurance on an existing loan
  •  To establish replacement value for insurance purposes
  •  To appeal property tax assessment values
  •  To plan or settle an estate
  •  To protect your assets in a legal case (condemnation, divorce, etc.)

As you can see, the reasons are numerous to have a TRUE opinion of value.

Aside from being the #1 consumer rated appraisal company in Metro Atlanta on Kudzu, Yelp, and Angie’s List, we are also an A+ rated appraisal company with the Atlanta Better Business Bureau.

The more you know, the better decision you can make when selecting an appraisal company and we thank you for taking the time to visit us.  We look forward to working with you soon.

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